Postering FAQ

How does the postering system work?

We do daily poster runs on the legal postering cylinders provided by the City of Victoria for event posters. Our posters are printed in-house on our Xerox 2100 digital press and sorted into two rotations or ‘sorts’ which are then bagged and given to a poster person. The sorts are then taken out and distributed evenly across the 65 cylinders by bike or on foot, dependent on factors such as weather and/or parades.

Who puts up the posters?

Our postering staff are a bunch of cool dudes who like music and dancing.

How are the posters put up?


On the first day after a poster removal (usually Monday), the daily poster run is taped down to get a base layer. The subsequent postings each day are applied with a paste using a brush. The paste is made with potato flakes to ensure that it is 100% recyclable. Core postering is done on either the tricycle or by Broll (Although we highly recommend the trike!) and follows a given daily route.


Every morning our instore distributors fill their poster bags full of assorted posters, which are then distributed amongst over 400 locations in the greater Victoria area. These locations include cafes, bars, shops, rec centres, etc. Using an app available on the IPad, the instore distributor can then keep track of where a poster has been placed, and how many of that poster are in that location. Instore postering is done by foot primarily, although many areas require bike or bus.

When do the posters runs go out?

The poster runs go out between 9 and 10am. It takes anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to complete the run.

What and where are the cylinders?

The cylinders are steel shells that are wrapped around lamp standards in the downtown core. The are 44” around and 51” high; built to display 12 11”x17” (or tabloid) posters. They are usually on opposite street corners in high traffic intersections. The poles span a square area from Wharf St. to Vancouver St., Chatham St. across to Burdett Ave. A good representation of the ground our poster distributors cover can be found on our in house postering infographic.

How many cylinders are there?

There are approximately 65 cylinders in the downtown core.

Do you poster every day?

Yes, our core poster service runs seven days a week. We do not poster on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

How many posters go out a day?

Our core poster service is based on 25 posters per day for each customer, on a full 18/18 sort this is 900 posters in total! This ensures fair and even distribution amongst all the poles.

How are the posters removed?

The buildup of posters is removed every one to two weeks by the City of Victoria staff. We use a base layer of taped posters the first day after a removal to make this process as easy as possible for them.

Why do you need to poster everyday?

We poster everyday to keep the posters on the street fresh and current. The cylinders take a beating from weather conditions and drunk people when the bars let out. We take great pride in making them look daily with new posters.

Does the city know what we are doing?

Yes, in fact they are one of our biggest clients. We have worked in tandem with the City of Victoria since our inception twelve years ago.